About MSAA


Minnesota Ski Areas Association (MNSAA) is the non-profit representing the 18 Alpine Ski Areas in Minnesota. The Association focus on governmental affairs, marketing & public affairs and member services.

MNSAA advocates for its members by monitoring activities coming from the State House. We stay abreast of legislation and policy issues that could impact our members.

MNSAA marketing and public affair efforts are designed to increase the awareness of skiing and snowboarding in the State of Minnesota. Working with Explore Minnesota we have several months of contests on MN Slopes. MNSAA manages a statewide Snow Reporting program which can be seen on social & tv.

MNSAA offers various training opportunities year-round to its members. The Association also works with various industry partners and other organizations to promote skiing and snowboarding in Minnesota.

Executive Committee

  • Peter Zotalis, Chair, Welch Village
  • David Solner, Vice Chair, Buck Hill
  • Sara Larsen, Treasurer, Wild Mountain
  • Jeff Staley, Secretary, Detroit Mountain
  • Jerry Wahlin, Member At Large, Powder Ridge
  • Charles Skinner, Immediate Past Chair, Lutsen
  • Bo Bigelow, Executive Director


4th Grade Passport

The 4th Grade Passport offers every 4th grade student in Minnesota the opportunity to ski and snowboard for free! The goal is to help introduce families to the how much fun they can have together outside in the winter. The Passports go on sale each year in late summer and remain available until early February.